L'Ecrinerie is a workshop dedicated to wood art. You will discover in these pages boxes carved out of invaluable wood as well as various original wooden handcrafts produced as a single copy.

The workshop currently works only upon order. Up to now we only produce a limited number of wooden boxes and handcrafts, but the range will increase with time...

The handcrafts are unique, they result from the imagination of the artist and will naturally carry his signature and a certificate of authenticity from L'Ecrinerie.

All the box models presented here are original designs, from the type of wood species used to the care taken in handcrafting and polishing. Some box models will be numbered, to a maximum of 7. However, the majority will be original and will never be reproduced. All boxes will be signed by the artist and will be sold with a certificate of authenticity from L'Ecrinerie.

The workshop essentially proposes work upon order. If you feel like owning a box or a original artwork, you may contact L'Ecrinerie by e-mail or phone. We will help you to materialize your wishes... Imagine an adapted casket for your precious things, the music instrument in a box to its size, the unique "objet d'art", instead the possibilities are numerous, everything is possible (choice of shapes, wood species, etc...)

L'Ecrinerie wishes you a nice visit. If you want to leave a message, do not hesitate to contact us. So long.